Kentucky’s Gucci?

The rapper Gucci Mane was spotted dancing in a party in Kentucky. That’s what people throughout social media were saying in the middle of March 2018. The video went viral gaining millions of views on all social media platforms and reached major publication pages like Shade Room, Baller Alert, and Worldstar.

The video surfaced from the night of a Derez Deshon concert at Coles Place in Louisville Kentucky. Derez Deshon posted the video in his Instagram stories and the video took off gaining a series of repost. Entertainers like comedian Lil Duval reposted it and soon came on The Shade Room and WorldStar. The viral video had such a reach that even Gucci Manes wife Keyshia Kior had to comment and make a post acknowledging that it was not Gucci. She was right. It was Louisville’s C Tez.

C Tez is a viral entertainer known in the Louisville Kentucky scene with his moniker “ BOW” and his high energy dance moves. Since the viral video in March, C Tez has signed to Othaz Records. Othaz Records have serviced popular dance song “ I Bet You Wont” by Mouse and Level. C Tez has also has done multiple shows and will be featured in an OG Muns and Gucci Mane video. He has released a new version of his 2016 “Bow” titled song on major streaming platforms. C Tez continues to push his reach through his videos and performances. This has landed him with collaborations with social media star and comedian Famous Amos @famousamos_sofunny, and has been reposted by Snoop Dogg.

C Tez has acknowledged that he does look like Gucci and is not trying to be the major rapper. He knows he has his own lane and brand. We’re excited to see the growth and future ventures for the Kentucky entertainer. Check out the viral video below. Bow!

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